NAR MVP Program

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® created the MVP Program to encourage members to take Actions that will benefit NAR and its members, as well as to reward members for being an active participant in their Association. Active involvement is the best way to maximize your membership, as well as the best way to make the Association and all our members more successful. And, those members who take the most active role are rewarded with resources that can continue to strengthen their own business.


The most important part of the MVP program is Member engagement and as an Association Executive you can provide value to your Members by promoting the program. We have a number of valuable program resources available to assist you in promoting the program to your Members including:

  • Sneak Peek Email: A few days before every MVP offer Association Executives receive a “sneak peek” email with information about the upcoming Member and AE offer.
  • Use the quick marketing copy in the Sneak Peek to share the Member offer with your Members, by placing the offer on Facebook, in your Twitter messages, in your newsletters, or on your website.
  • Share and Promote Resources: Resources like print ads, banner ads, informational webinars, program widget, and more are available for you.

Click here to watch the MVP Video and share with your members!